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Electrical Equipment and Services

Electrical Generators.
Protection, security and Safety equipment either ,electronic or portable.
Precision Air-conditioning Systems.
Distribution Panels. Cabinets.
Earthling Systems.
Subsidiary requirements and all after-Sale Services Pertaining to telecom Exchange Centrals, Towers and Premises.
Power Generation Sets.
Electrical &Electronics Workshop Equipment & Tools.
Automotive Workshop Equipment and Tools.
Mechanical Workshop Equipment and Tools.
Carpentry Workshop Machinery and Tools.
Welding Workshop Equipment and Tools.
Air-conditioning Training Workshop Equipment and Tools.

Construction Equipment & Machinery:

Pipeline and pump station projects.

Manpower Services:

"YMFOS" Provides all types of this category like Mangers, engineers, accountants, supervisors, technicians (i.e. mechanics, drivers, operators, welders, fabricators, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, riggers, scaffloders, masons, helpers...etc) locally and internationally by our principals.


Travel and Aviation Service.

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