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Kazakh Geophysical Company LTD

About Company

The profile of Kazakh Geophysical Company is seismic acquisition, exactly the survey of geological structure of the Earth crust aimed to identify hydrocarbons prospect areas.
The key geophysical method of survey is seismic operations as with explosive so with vibration sources of seismic waves.
Kazakh Geophysical Company Ltd was registered on the 17th January, 2005.
The Company has managed to form:

  • Development Strategy
  • Technical facilities and assets
  • Technical and administration staff
The Company possesses:
  • Headquarter at Almaty
  • Technical support bases at Akatu, Balkhash and Almaty
The Company established
  • Three functioning field crews equipped with advanced machines and facilities
  • By the end of 2009 the Company has implemented 41 projects.
The experience of the Company personnel in petroleum industry achieves 15-35 years. Accumulated experience allows the Company to be successful in geological tasks resolution and provide highly competitive services.

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