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AIRBORNE PETROLEUM GEOPHYSICS LTD (APG) provides specialized geophysical products and services to the oil and gas industry. Founding members Dr Andy Gabell, Dan Olson, Arkady Shabanov and Helen Tuckett through their widely respected Canadian Micro Gravity Ltd company have developed the advanced GT-2A airborne gravity system in conjunction with their partners Gravimetric Technology based in Moscow. They have combined forces with Richard Horscroft to offer through APG a unique blend of operational, technical and interpretation skills based on decades of experience within the oil and gas industry. The APG team’s in-depth understanding of the needs of energy companies enables it to offer a start-to-finish customized service which is based on addressing specific objectives and solving geotechnical problems

APG is uniquely a service provider, technical partner, data provider and consultancy involved in:
  • Proprietary and multi-client geophysical projects
  • Gravity, magnetics, electromagnetics, radiometrics, remote sensing
  • Airborne, land and marine survey operations
  • Training courses plus technology transfer initiatives
  • Seismic and non-seismic data interpretation studies
  • Regional exploration with basin-wide reconnaissance surveys
  • Prospect mapping with pre-seismic operations and block-specific surveys
  • Risk mitigation studies using surveys to detect salt, shale, volcanic and igneous rocks
  • Joint ventures
The use and interpretation of gravity, magnetics and electromagnetic data is a specialized skill. Working side-by-side with exploration geoscientists as an Exploration Partner allows APG to better support the use of data by oil companies and ensure maximum interpretation value through:
  • Gravity, magnetic, EM feasibility studies with fit-for-purpose modeling
  • Survey design and technical parameter assessment
  • Seismic and non-seismic data integration studies
  • Resolving ambigities in seismic data processing and interpretation
  • Basin analysis: basin morphology, structure and depth
  • Crustal thickness and source rock maturity studies
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