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ORCHIDEE is a leading European producer of a wide range of Fire Fighting Agents with over 50 years of experience. ORCHIDEE has developed a highly efficient and innovative product range of powders, water additives (for extinguishers), and foam agents which are produced in Ladenburg Germany and in Conty France.



ORCHIDEE offers a comprehensive range of products including conventional and innovative foam extinguishing agents, tested and examined according to EN1568 & UL standard. The products in our TOP Line are High Performance extinguishing agents. The foaming agents of our ECO Line include products with a well-balanced price-performance ratio.


Fire extinguishing powder (dry powder) is the fastest and – relative to the quantity required –most effective extinguishing agent. This makes it especially suitable for firefighting with fire extinguishers, especially in cases of incipient fire, as well as for high-risk applications. The most commonly used dry powders are ABC powders.

Water Additives:

Additives produced by ORCHIDEE increase extinguishing performance and improve the usability of water- and foam-based fire extinguishers. They also, however, have many additional functions and can be used in a wide range of applications, according to the product in question.

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