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OilField Supplying

Check Valves, Gate Valves & Solenoid Valves.
Casing and Tubing (all Size).
Pipe line.
Valves and Instruments/Actuators Valves .
Pipe Fittings (Flanges, Elbows. Reducers, Bolts &Nuts .. Etc).
Well - Head, Chrismas tree and Accessories.
Prefab Buildings.
Drilling Rigs and components.
Electrical Sub-Mercible Pumps (ESP).
Hydraulic equipments and tools.
Sulphate resistant cement.
Drill bits, Drill pipe.
Gas Scrubber, Glycol Dehydration and Heater treaters.
Test and Group Separator.
Gas Compressor.
Production Chemicals.
Corrosion Monitoring Equipments.
CMS Mud Logging Unit.

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