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Dylan Group:

We are your partner for the supply of steel piping products, providing solutions and managing your projects anywhere in the world. By closely following international market developments, we are able to source and supply products worldwide.
In addition to our wide range of standard piping products, we have in stock an extensive variety of semi finished forgings and bar. This enables us supply and products you may need, should standard products not fully meet your requirements.


The Offshore department of Dylan Group consists of a dedicated team of sales professionals with particular knowledge in the offshore industry. Their knowledge and experience mean that they are ideally suited to provide advice and support to clients in this demanding business environment. Much of the work in this sector is done on a project basis, and the offshore team is proud of themselves for their ability to work closely with our clients to maximize communication and service delivery.

Complete Oilfield Stimulation Services:

Complete Oilfield Stimulation Services sdn Bhd, COSS Malaysia, was formed in 1999, specializing in stimulation oil, gas and injection wells, research and development of oilfield chermicals used to enhance the production of wells in ageing fields and developing specialty chemicals for industrial chemicals cleaning applications. Working side by side with our principals and partners, we provide a complementary combination of high technology and expertise in product application.

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