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Turkmani Mechanical & Metallic Construction

The company was founded in 1974 by A.W. Turkmani as Mechanical Contractor.
In the early days of the company, T.M.C activities were limited to tasks relating to pipeline and pump stating projects.
After successful business in the seventies and due to new development of oil discovery in Syria, T.M.C rapidly expanded its activities, developed capabilities and entered the large scale construction projects in oilfield.
Today T.M.C is proud to say that after long experiences and having the qualified staff along with supporting construction equipment and machinery; it is able to execute projects in the oil / gas field and every industrial or mechanical projects.
The headquarter of T.M.C  is located in Homs/ Syria and the branch offices are in Damascus / Syria, Abu-Dhabi / U.A.E, Algeria / Algeria, Baghdad/ Iraq, and Hanover / Germany.
By its high performance, TMC aim at meeting the anticipation and requirement of its clients in the field of petroleum, industrial, and mechanical works.
This is achieved by:
Executing a quality system of compliance with ISO – 9002 1994 standard.
Continually upgrading the skills and capabilities of its employees. Applying the regulation of safety and environment Protection.

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